Melissa Moreland, LMHC

Melissa Moreland, LMHC

Are you ready for a change, but feeling unsure of how to navigate personal transformation on your own? Integrative holistic therapy can help you move beyond anxiety, depression, or a history of trauma and begin to build a life of joy and meaning. I feel honored to be a companion on the journey of change—someone who offers a safe and
non-judgmental environment in which to explore collaborative goals.

My approach is based on intuitive psychotherapy, sessions may include talk therapy, bioenergy therapy, mindfulness, cognitive work, and spirituality exploration. I believe that much of the work of therapy centers on clearing space in order to see your own intuitive guide, resilience, and capacity for healing from within.

If you are interested in creating change through holistic therapy for body, mind, and spirit, I invite you to get in touch today.

“Get strong with bare feet on the ground and with everything that is born from it. Get smarter everday by listening to your intuiton. Jump, dance, sing, so that you live happier. Heal yourself, with beautiful love, always remember…you are the medicine.” — Maria Sabina

Special Note from Melissa: Are you highly intuitive? One of my specialty areas is providing counseling for Highly Intuitive People (HIP). In fact, I self-identify as a Highly Intuitive Person. If you are in this category, I have found that it is essential to integrate your intuitive experiences into therapy. If you don’t self-identify in this category but want to integrate intuition into therapy, we can do that too! Intuitive ability is present in everyone, it’s your personal choice if you want to cultivate it.

“Intuition is a form of unconscious intelligence that is as needed as conscious intelligence.”-Gerd Gigerenzer, psychologist